Sunday, 6 November 2011

So what is Slayers, how is it different and why the hell should I go??

Slayers is an afternoon event which will feature some of absolute best female practitioners of Corporal Punishment around including scene legends Lucy McLean, Leia Ann Woods and Amy Hunter. These are the Slayers and the majority of them are my close personal friends.

Slayers is held at a classy Central London Venue, 5 minutes walk from a tube/overground station, with ample space inside and plenty of room to play.

Slayers will begin with an opportunity for our guests to meet and chat with the ladies in an informal, social environment over a glass of bubbly.

Slayers format will feature private, mini 1-2-1 seasons for each of our guests with each of the ladies in attendance, followed by a mass punishment finale. This is NOT a round robin, let's all sit in a circle and watch each other event.

Slayers Speakeasy has its own collection of CP implements for you to *enjoy*, from the domestic to the judicial; canes, straps, tawses, paddles, riding crops, belts, hairbrushes, clothes brushes, switches and birch rods.

Slayers will feature all your favourite FemDom punishment figures together, and some new ones. On any given afternoon it is likely you will answer to a Strict Schoolmistress, Sadistic Doctor, Edwardian Governess, 1950s Mom, Leather/PVC Clad Dominatrix, Boarding School Matron, Office Suited Manageress, Military Officer, School Prefect, Prison Warder or Fantasy Superhero.

Slayers is a true Speakeasy; a place where you will be made to feel welcome and comfortable and a place where you can be disciplined by ladies who know exactly how to handle insolent, disobedient miscreants.

Your Host,


  1. I think it would do me a world of good to be invited along, by the Ladies, who would evaluate my character, and dispense what ever actions they considered appropriate for me and my behaviour..

    Terry Mc,
    SW London..

  2. Well Good Morning Terry Mc

    The Slayers will take pleasure in evaluating, and modifyng, your character and your beahaviour.

    We would ask that you email us at so that we have email contact for you and can advise you of the location and other final details nearer the time.

    For now, consider yourself on our guest list and come get Slayed!!

    The Slayers

  3. Hello, Ladies..

    My apology for the delay in writing but i did not save Your details and couldn't remember how i found Your site.. i hope this doesn't look too bad in Your eyes and that You would still consider me... Ladies..

    Humble regards,

    Terry Mc.
    SW London

  4. Hello, Slayer..

    Thank you for the connection with Doctor Woods....

    Although I realise that it is out of Your control... But, I got a single response from Her and then..... silence....?

    Thanks for your input.... but it came to nothing, anyhow...



    Terry Mc...