The Slayers

Every one of the Slayers at the Speakeasy has years of experience in the CP scene. They are all highly skilled with each implement available. They are also intelligent, friendly and fantastic company.

Whilst capable of administering brutal, judicial level punishment the Slayers will tailor your interaction to your limits. Gentle or severe, the choice is entirely yours!!!!

Which Slayers appear on which day will vary, but all are genuine CP enthusiasts with years of experience who are reknowned nationally and internationally in the CP scene. This elite group of Slayers is growing so do check out this page regularly!

Ratio of Slayers to Prey..... I mean guests ;).... will be minimum 1:3.....

Dr L.A Woods

The Doctor will see you now! The ultimate combination of brains and beauty, Dr Woods is a renowned player in the UK and International CP scene. The star of countless films and shoots, she is one of the most prominent players around. Currently the Deputy Headmistress of Whipstock Grange School and a lover of penal and judicial scenes, Dr Woods is no stranger to maintaining order and discipline and is a most accurate and powerful caner. A stickler for punctuality, courtesy and good manners, she is firm but fair. However, cross her at your peril for she will happily take you apart with her superior intellect and tireless left arm!

Ms Lucy McLean

Quite simply, she’s a legend. The founder and owner of Northern Spanking, Ms McLean does not normally appear at CP events but she is one of our resident Slayers and brings all the charisma of Caledonia to proceedings. An expert with the dreaded Scottish School Strap, the Tawse, Ms McLean is the most accurate and powerful practitioner of Hand Tawsing you will ever see ( or feel if you’re that unlucky ). With a penchant for everything 1950’s she adds an aura of bygone glamour wherever she goes but, be warned, she expects behaviour commensurate with this era and she firmly believes in corporal punishment where it is lacking!!!

Miss Amy Hunter

The Atom Bomb of the CP scene, there is only one Amy Hunter and it’s going to be an entertaining day when she explodes into the room. An accomplished Martial Artist with a particular talent for scolding, Miss Hunter can reduce the most self-assured young man to a red-faced ( and assed ) little boy. Impossibly beautiful and articulate, she is exceptional at roleplay and you will become lost in her character. Another lover of the Tawse, her hand speed and coordination ensure maximum impact and her powerful hand smacking can take your breath away.

Miss Jadie Reece

She’s your sexy boss, your sweet babysitter, the stunning new stepmother whose authority you find yourself under. Beautiful and enchanting, you love to be around her as you fight for her attention but step out of line and she will punish you. Severely!! What’s more she’ll do it with a smile on her face, teasing you and toying with you as you are reduced to a stammering wreck by her physical and verbal assault on your senses. Adept with the paddle and cane, Miss Reece has been known to thrash with such ferocity that more than one miscreant has thrown up!

Miss Aleesha Fox

Foxy Miss Aleesha is a tall, athletic brunette who can switch from friendly to austere with one insolent remark or one defiant glance. Articulate and scathing in her scolding, the lady will leave you in no doubt as to your place in the food chain. Generally, beneath her! Physically powerful, her presence is felt in every context when she hits the room. With a heavy hand, and an accurate caning technique Miss Fox is an experienced Schoolmistress who has also been known to adopt the occasianal superhero role. This Slayer even worries me ;)

AND FINALLY.........

Mistress Switch

She’s a witch! The mythological Nemesis was the goddess of vengeance and retribution. She’s here, and she’s the reason for those *funny marks* on my body. Believe the hype, believe every word, for Ms Switch will gladly justify her awesome reputation. Spectacular in any role, she is especially talented at severe and judicial style CP and is a crackshot with canes of any grade. In fact, she is the Samurai of the caning world. Currently Headmistress of Whipstock Grange School, Ms Switch can maintain order in the classroom with merely a cold stare. So be careful gentlemen, this one’s hardcore!

Pictures from

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