Monday, 15 July 2013

The return of The Slayers

Hullo folks

Miss Hunter here. Are you sitting comfortably? Hopefully not for long...

I am delighted to announce that Slayers will indeed be returning for another unique party, on the 29th of August at 12.30pm.

For those who haven't been before, it is unlike other party set-ups.

At Slayers Femdom CP events, the focus is on good old-fashioned spanking and CP. Proper, experienced disciplinarians, dishing out quality, genuine punishments.

All the ladies have been involved in the CP scene for several years, and are passionate about delivering accurate, authentic spankings.

This is not a "free for all" or "wait your turn in the circle" style party. When you arrive, you will be introduced to the ladies attending that day - each will have a "dance card", as it were, and every gentleman (or naughty boy) will be called up individually for a mini 1-2-1 session with each lady. The venue is spacious enough for the ladies to spread out and offer reasonable privacy.
You will be able to discuss any limitations/preferences ('though we cannot guarantee every Slayer will be benevolent enough to "be kind" if it is requested!) and then enjoy an uninterrupted, no-nonsense spanking. You will see each lady for the same amount of time over the course of the party, with a break for a hot & cold buffet meal. The bar is open throughout for your refreshment.

The final event is a punishment in front of everyone, where you will receive a double caning, tawsing or paddling from two of the ladies.

We have a large range of implements: obviously our hands, (and my ferocious hand-spanking OTK!) crops, paddles, canes, floggers, hairbrushes, plimpsolls, slippers, straps and tawses.

The ladies include stars of the scene and screen such as Leia-Ann Woods, Aleesha Fox, Jadie Reece, Lucy McLean and, of course, myself. We don't theme the parties; instead each lady will be dressed individually to offer a variety of role-play options for your afternoon. Previously we have had 50s Mom, governess, lady boss, head teacher, army officer, prison warden, sexy shiny domme, and evil doctor - with plenty of stocking-clad laps for you to bend over!

The parties are held in a central London venue, just 5 minutes' walk from Vauxhall station.

Current confirmed ladies in attendance are myself, Dr Leia-Ann Woods and Ms Aleesha Fox.

In the meantime, do email me with any enquiries. info @ (take out the spaces)

Looking forwards to meeting and beating you!

Miss Hunter